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Rock  da  house  with

Izzy  Rascal

The  Teenage  DJ

 Mobile Party DJ for 10 to 17 y.o. ragers 

Complete with Pioneer & JBL + YAMAHA sound & light system

We fit into house parties, backyards, surf clubs & halls - we even rock boats! 

Perfect for Birthdays, Graduations, Fancy Dress, End of Term and Sports Team Celebrations.

2, 3 and 4 hour Packages available, with hourly options: if you keep dancing, we’ll keep spinning.

We handle themes & requests and can keep it age-appropriate.

Northern Beaches and surrounding areas.

Booking enquiries:

That sounds like a cool party.We'll get a quote to you right after we sweep up all the glitter from our last party.



My name is Izzy Raj-Seppings,

But you can call me DJ Izzy Rascal.

I'm a passionate 17-year-old student from Sydney, Australia.
I'm currently navigating my final year of high school and focusing on my career in the film and entertainment industry.

I like to relax behind 15inch speakers, clouds of smoke and strobing disco lights.
Me and my dad started DJing as a side hobby/a way to spice up my mums 50th birthday party and have since then fallen in love with it.
I now have a local residency at Wings X Tins every Thursday night and have been playing at parties, work functions and more.

It's opened my eyes (and ears) to an entirely new world, I can't listen to my playlist on the way to school without pausing and rewinding songs 10 times to see if they would transition well.

DJing has also been such a gift because I get to do it with my dad, we learn together, constantly push each other and get to share our music with each other.

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Terri, NSW

Izzy DJ’d my 14 year old daughter’s party.
She arrived early, set up her amazing equipment, and kept the girls going for hours.
She played current music that the girls loved and her lighting and smoke machine really added to the vibe.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use Izzy for any type of function. She was wonderful.
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