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Almost Impossible - Crown Sydney

This property campaign for the residences at One Barangaroo, Crown Sydney, was inspired by an observation Chris Wilkinson made about the complexity of the structure. He felt the engineering and technology required was so advanced that, five or ten years ago, it would have been 'almost impossible' to construct.

The impossibility of these apartments was evident in almost every aspect of the story - from the fierce competition over the site itself to the twisting form which required 8100 uniquely-shaped and positioned panes of glass for the facade.

I took this phrase and used it to describe the scarcity of these apartments - so rare, as to be 'almost impossible'. The campaign ran globally, unchanged, for four years.

Crown Resorts One Barangaroo Luxury Property Marketing
Wrapped in a cloud yet made from marble. The brochure was another impossibility.

To demonstrate what the over-used phrase 'world-class' really means, we spoke to the three firms charged with designing the tower, all of whom are undeniably the best in their respective fields. We learned the best architecture, interior design and landscaping in the world comes from New York, London and Uluwatu, respectively.

The print campaign spoke directly to potential buyers by ignoring the 99.9% of the population who aren't the target market.

As purchasers moved through the sales journey and were invited to the display suite, we told international visitors more about the Sydney lifestyle and local downsizers about the advantages of living in an apartment serviced by a six star hotel.

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