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Can you outsource the work and stay in control of your business?

Barrie Seppings believes you can outsource everything - except your understanding.

Doesn’t matter if you’re running a large organisation, leading a team or delivering as an independent consultant or contractor, you’re going to have to get comfortable with both delegating and outsourcing. This is going to be hard for the perfectionists amongst you, but the truth is: no one can do everything.

Even if you could, you shouldn’t.

So how do you work out what to give away and what to keep, in terms of workload and responsibility? Do you spend time on things you know well, or double down on areas outside your wheelhouse? Where do you draw the line between micromanagement and blind faith?

In this video, Barrie Seppings (Founder and Director of The Transfer Desk), offers a simple framework for developing your understanding of the most crucial the parts of a creative business. By breaking it down to the numbers, the process, the people and (most importantly) yourself, you’ll develop the confidence to outsource the work to staff, partners, vendors and collaborators while retaining control of the work – and your business.

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